New book in Czech about autonomous driving

Today, I received this beautiful book titled “Automatizované řízení vozidel a autonomní doprava: Technické a humanitní perspektivy” (Automated driving and autonomous transport: technical and humanities perspectives). The cover is designed in neon green, framing an iconic image of automated driving from the 1960s. The background of the drawing is highlighted in neon orange. The cover shows two things: Automated driving is old and new at the same time. It is an icon of modernity.

The book – edited by David Černý, Ondřej Vaculín und Petr Zámečník – is the first systematic publication in Czech language dealing with automated and autonomous vehicles from an interdisciplinary perspective.

David Černý told me about this book project last year, asking if he could translate one of my articles for this publication. I feel very much honored the book opens with my contribution and I would like to thank David for his translation. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a summary of the book as I haven’t learned Czech. But you can have a look into the pages of the content here:

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